Using Humidifiers for Babies to Better Sleep

Placing a humidifier in your baby’s room is as important as installing a dresser and rocking chairs among. A good humidifier keeps a room clean thus providing a healthy environment for your baby. Humidifier usage for babies has many benefits from boosting their health to initiating sleep. It loosens up congestion and keeps sore throat and other ailments away. Dry air irritates baby’s eyes, mouth and nose. It also causes dry skin with red patches especially to weather-sensitive babies. Usage of humidifiers requires a simple set up and precautionary measures.

Humidifiers for Babies better sleeping
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Using Humidifiers Benefits

Humidifiers offer protection against dry air especially during winter months when your heating system robs indoor air of natural moisture. Dry and unclean air causes sore throats, sinuses and stuffy noses. Babies are more susceptible to falling sick during cold months. A good humidifier helps in providing moisturized and breathable air. This keeps the baby safe while allowing them to sleep comfortably. Addition of moisture in the room also helps to hydrate your baby’s skin. This is helpful for babies who are sensitive to dry weather which causes red patches and chapped lips. Also, noise produced by the humidifier is very comforting to the baby. It drowns other disturbing sounds while helping your baby sleep.

Types of Humidifiers

In order to understand the usage of humidifiers its important to know different types available in the market. There are very many models out there which makes the selection process quite overwhelming. We have cool mist humidifiers which don’t have a heating element. This makes the moisture produced to be cooler. The main advantage is that it eliminates burn risks among babies. Warm mist humidifiers produces warm moisture. Some pediatricians claim that it kills germs and virus during the process of creating warm mist. It’s also more breathable than cold mist. This helps in relaxing breathing passages thus preventing mucus from building up. The only downside is that they are expensive than cold mist humidifiers due to incorporation of heating elements.

Quality Features

Make sure to select the right humidifier for safety and excellent results. Your humidifier should have a built-in thermostat which allows you to measure the amount of moisture in your baby’s room. A humidifier with an automatic shutoff allows you to save energy by automatically switching off the unit when there is no water. Some humidifiers are fitted with UV or silver ion for killing germs and preventing mildew from growing inside. These units don’t need to be cleaned too frequently. You might consider purchasing humidifiers with filters but replacements are a bit costly. Ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound waves to deliver mist which can be soothing to your baby.

Humidifiers Usage

First, fill the water holder with preferably distilled water and place it in an area which allows moist air to be evenly distributed. Use a setting which keeps the air breathable while preventing moisture from forming on items in the room. The outlet should be placed facing the baby directly. Use the thermostat to monitor the amount of moisture in the room. Some humidifiers come with a digital display which allows you to control the run-time. There are also models which allow you to choose between cool and warm feature. Make sure to change the water frequently as described by the manufacturer. Keep the environment around the humidifier clean and dry.


Humidifier usage for babies requires one to exercise some precautions. This is to ensure the humidifier is used properly and no harm is brought to your baby. Make sure to clean your baby’s humidifier more regularly. This prevents bacteria, mold and mildew from building up inside.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the humidifier. Warm mist humidifiers should be kept out of reach to prevent your baby from burning their hands. It is recommended to use distilled water instead of tap water. The latter may contain mineral fragments which might blow through the humidifier.

Allow your humidifier to dry up in between uses. This prevents mold, lint and germs from building up as well as extending the life of the unit. It also prevents lung injuries caused by breathing mineral powder. Try to avoid hot-water humidifiers which increase risks of burns from accidents. Consider buying a humidifier approved by CPSC for safety. Humidifiers can be expensive but they are worth every penny. Make sure to buy the right one, use it effectively and consider safety precuations.

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