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11 Ultimate guide to make bedroom cozy and warm

Most people consider their bedroom as their favorite place in the house. And that is all for a good reason. The bedroom is where we relax after a long, tedious day of hustle and bustle. It’s where we final get ready to plunge in a deep slumber bringing the sweetest dreams to life.


However, that won’t be readily possible if your bedroom is filled with clutter and other inconveniences.

You should know how to make bedroom cozy, so it can ultimately be your personal sanctuary. Aside from the cleaning your bedroom regularly, the following are quick tips to make your bedroom the look and feel cozy.

Make bedroom cozy and warm

Embrace Minimalism

make bedroom cozy Embrace Minimalism
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Having too much won’t create the calm environment you’re trying to achieve. As much as possible, free your bedroom of unnecessary clutter. From the floor to the walls, minimalism must be kept. Just grab an art piece or two for one wall and leave the rest of the walls blank. Art doesn’t have to go all-out. Sometimes, less is more.


Indulge in Plush

make bedroom cozy Indulge in Plush
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If your bedding is not plush yet, then it’s high time to purchase some feather beds and comforters out on sale. Your bed is the core element of your room, so you should make it extra comfy and indulging.  Once this is achieved, you probably won’t feel like leaving your bed again. This is an instant way on to make bedroom cozy.

Set a Handy Night Stand

make bedroom cozy Set a Handy Night Stand
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A bedside table always works. Where else can you rest your favorite book or glass of water as you spend the cozy night? The inconvenience of having no nightstand certainly won’t help you complete your cozy bedroom project.

Let There be Light

make bedroom cozy Let There be Light
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In achieving a homely bedroom, the lighting should also be set the right way. It’s best if your bedroom is designed to allow natural sunlight in bedroom. That makes the bedroom like effortlessly vibrant at day time. At night, it’s best to keep a dimmed lighting. The quickest way to do this is to replace your switch with a dimmer switch. It’s easy and cost-effective. If not, you can just resort to adding a bedside lamp for a faint yet cozy light.


Even a Rug Helps

make bedroom cozy Even a Rug Helps
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Placing a rug by your bedstead can give you a little foot massage just right before stepping into your bed. Grab a soft sheepskin or a thick shag rug to achieve the best result. This might sound so trivial, but this is literally a good step on make bedroom cozy.

Take Care of the Scent

make bedroom cozy Take Care of the Scent
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Apart from looking cozy, your room must also smell cozy. You can choose the best lavender oil that suits your liking and dab a bit of it directly to your bedding or pillow. Some essential oils can stain your pillow, so it’s best to choose one that doesn’t. To be safe, just choose a dark bedding if you want to apply this tip.

Add extra seating

make bedroom cozy Add extra seating
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Be it a bench or a small side chair at your bed’s foot, having a secondary seating is really a good idea. You can conveniently have a good place to remove your socks and sit down and chill. This hint can go a long way especially after a long, tiring day.

Add a Curtain Wall

make bedroom cozy Add a Curtain Wall
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Adding a hanging curtain across a full wall adds drama to the bedroom setting. It will bring a cozier effect to life. There are a lot of curtain options out there that come in various colors and designs for a reasonable price. Just make sure that the curtain you add complements the overall theme of your bedroom. If you’re not sure which color to pick, go for the neutrals.

Display Family Photos

make bedroom cozy Display Family Photos
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Family photos add a sentimental and cozy effect to the room. There are a lot of ways to display your photos. You can get more ideas on how to pull this off online. Photo display shouldn’t done randomly. There should be a dash of art when coming up with it.


Try Darker Walls

make bedroom cozy Try Darker Walls
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Probably the easiest way to transform a room is repainting it. For a snug effect, try darker paint colors, such as chocolate brown or charcoal grey. It makes the space feel more inviting. To avoid making it look too heavy, don’t miss adding a white and metallic tinge to add glamour and drama.


Incorporate Fuzz

make bedroom cozy Incorporate Fuzz
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When we say cozy, most people think about faux fur and the like. Be it a throw, a carpet, etc., go for a fuzzy material that can make everything toastier.


Most of people, their bedroom is not just a four-cornered space. It’s a little paradise where they can easily step back from the busy reality beyond its door. It’s the easiest way to feel cozy and relaxed after every frazzled day. Thus, learning how to make bedroom cozy is really something worth your while.


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